Mobile cloud storage:- Mobile cloud storage is a form of cloud storage that can be accessed by mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. To get the discount over pcloud you can use the pcloud coupons Mobile cloud storage providers' services that allow users to create and organize files, folders, music, and photos, just like other cloud computing models. Disadvantages of mobile cloud storage:- There are many kinds of disadvantages but we have discussed some important disadvantages.

Data Security

Data security is a very important part of online cloud storage as nowadays there are malware attacks and hacking to save our data from misuse we should use the better security cloud storage. Apart from that, you could also get the pCloud premium account free. The data can be stolen or hacked by users to save your data. if a hacker has accessed the data they may be using that data in the wrong way and can misuse it.

Internet Availability

Internet availability is important in mobile cloud storage as without the internet connection users cant access their online data. the internet enables the user to run software programs without, cloud storage cant run without the internet as cloud computing services can be used to provide massive distributed processing and storage. To access the data, files, video, and pictures the internet is a must in cloud storage.


Some cloud storage are asking for a charge if you will use some extra features for example the storage given by mostly cloud storages are 15GB apart from that if you want more space you have to pay extra money.


If you use cloud storage, your data will no longer be in your physical store. Data will not safe and could be hacked or misused. hackers can use malware and fishing emails to hack the user’s data and can use it in the wrong way.

Difficulty to migrate:-

If you want to migrate from one cloud storage to another then you should face this problem. as cloud migration is moving the data, systems, and applications from on-premises infrastructure to a cloud service provider’s infrastructure.

As cloud storage is very helpful for users apart from that it has some disadvantages as we have already discussed, the security issue is very important as hackers can hack the data and it could be used in wrong ways, internet connectivity also an important thing without internet the data can not be accessible. the cost of different cloud storage is different and useful features are not free as the user has to pay for it.